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Los Angeles, CA


No hocus pocus here. Asher is amazingly grounded, intelligent, insightful, and honest, with visionary capabilities greater than any other person I've ever met. Too many intuitives come off as apocalyptic nuts, while others are way too positive and new agey, both of which put me at a distance. Asher's persona and insight draws me in, doesn't frighten me away, providing an awesome balance of critique and support. He's just right, he's the middle of the porridge. - ADAM


Asher's psychic reading gave me a great gift of clarity and connected me to where I was at the my core. I left feeling energized with a great vision and new strength and vitality inside myself for moving forward in a healthy, loving way! - AMY

My spouse and I received a psychic reading from Asher Hartman and we found the experience to be highly beneficial. I was amazed by accuracy of the readings' assessment and actual knowledge of some family situations that I know for a fact that Asher did not previously know about. During the reading Asher actually channeled some exact phrases people in my family have used and knew minute, exact details regarding some family issues that he did not know about previously. I also thoroughly enjoyed the experience. I found to be to profound, helpful and revelatory and also very entertaining. I also found the chakra work that was included in the reading actually raised my prana a great deal and I felt much better after the reading was over. It was a great healing experience as well as a psychic reading. I would recommend Asher Hartman wholeheartedly as a great psychic reading experience. He is the best!! - LESLIE AND JANE


I've benefited greatly from my meetings with Asher. His insights have helped me identify and target the areas in my life that needed my focus and attention to heal and flourish in my spiritual, career and artistic practices. He makes a great addition to the spiritual labor plan you have mapped for yourself. - RAQUEL

Asher gives the most beautifully insightful readings ever. The imagery he described in my first reading deeply resonates with me still and offered such graceful clarification and assurance. It was such a positive experience I have gone back to get more done and will no doubt get more in the future. Everything said rang true and clear. I have recommended countless friends to have readings done with Asher and each one gives the same rave reviews. It is such an incredible and positive experience that I hope everyone takes the time to experience it. -JOAN


Asher has a real and palpable connection to the world of spirit, without any of the pretenses so common in psychic readers.  He uses the images of a painter to describe the hidden layers of your emotional state and hint at things to come.  Having a reading with him reaffirms the intuitions that I’ve had about myself and softens whatever I'm struggling with by casting it in a mythic light.  -CLAIRE


Asher gave me a gift of my soul. I was able to see myself without my ego being there. Now I have a clear vision of my purpose. He is a very gifted and spiritual psychic. I received a wonderful gift from his reading and look forward more guidance in the future. Thank you Asher! -STACIE


I cannot express how amazing I think Asher and his readings are. He has enhanced my life and helped me to step into my moment. He sees things and explains them honestly and plainly so, if you like, you can take action in whatever path is most comfortable for you. He reminds you of your magic, your truly beautiful self and personal abilities and leaves you feeling hopeful and ready to take action. He make sure all questions are answered and understood, leaving you feeling whole and safe. I owe much of my growth, strength, and peace of mind to his guidance.--ROSE