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Los Angeles, CA


About Asher

I am an artist and an intuitive. A graduate of UCLA and CalArts, I’ve developed a visual theater practice that blends intuition with research and an intense writing and rehearsal process.  I've been teaching people to develop their intuition for over eight years as part of the educational psychic duo Krystal Krunch and in workshops with actors and artists.  In 2001, I began reading for individuals.  I see, hear, and sense the information that those who come to me need to reconnect with the love that surrounds them.  Each time I read for someone, I see the glorious nature of the human being, vividly, without obscuration.  I’ve learned just how complex, how divine, and purposeful we really are. My goal is to share that with you in the clearest, most engaged way I can so that you can continue your exploration of life with a beacon of your greatest potential before you.