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Los Angeles, CA

Readings with Asher

What to expect.....

A reading typically takes one to one and a half hours. Readings are given in person at my artist's studio in Los Angeles. Readings can also be given over Skype or FaceTime. I do not typically read on the phone because of the difficulty in hearing clearly on many cell phones. Apologies, but I am not able to come to your residence.

When I read, I close my eyes to avoid responding to any potential visual cues from you or making any judgments about your external presentation. I look into your energy body using the chakra system. I see visual images, hear and see language, and sense your feelings in my own body. As I step into your energy, I directly translate to you what I see, hear, and sense, with transparency. My goal is to reconnect you with your divine self, or higher self, that Being we know inside but are often hesitant to bring to full bloom in life. I read your relationship to your vision and expression; your sense of giving and receiving, your self-esteem and relationship to work and career; sexuality and creativity, and to your family and survival needs, among other topics. The information you receive is specific to you, your history, needs, gifts and skills. Periodically, those who have passed over, ancestors, and others in non-physical form will enter the reading, but I do not focus my practice on this form of mediumship.  

After our general reading, you can feel free to ask any questions that you have, and I will  respond to them through your energy. I recommend recording or writing during the reading, as the information often comes very quickly with lots of complexity.

While my readings are specific and highly attuned to information in your ancestry, past, present, and future, I do not offer predictive readings, because I believe the future is shifting and malleable. We are presented with multiple opportunities and paths, which we may seek, but which may or may not be right for us at the time of the reading. I can, however, make you aware of talents, skills, opportunities, and connections available to you. I am not a medical intuitive. I am not trained to read or diagnose any physical or mental illness. 

Readings are poetic exchanges that I consider collaborative. After all, we are in profound connection as we unite our energy fields for mutual growth.  I honor your openness and your willingness to be seen.

By the way, as a transgender man, I am respectful of all gender and sexual expressions, all bodies, all ways of being, and all walks of life. I embrace people as they are. I welcome all belief systems and do not espouse a particular religious or spiritual point of view.